Thursday, August 23, 2012

Meant to be.

A crazy thing happened today. The kind of thing that gives you that "holy crap that was totally just meant to be" chills.

A couple of months ago we adopted an italian greyhound named Peanut. I've always wanted an italian greyhound. At first things were good. We had been told that she was an easy going, family friendly dog when we adopted her. The reality is that she was nervous, which is common among her breed. But this was over the top. Even after quite some time in our home she still cowered to the floor whenever Toby was around, though he had always been gentle with her. She was so nervous that she was afraid to tell us when she had to go out, even though she was previously house trained. This led to me spending a lot of time scrubbing the floor.

So, with a heavy heart I posted an ad on craigslist explaining the whole situation. I was hoping to find some help from an Italian greyhound rescue. I was hoping that maybe someone more experienced could help me work through her behavior. But if not I was going to rehome her to a quieter home, possibly with a single older person.

Then the universe set things in motion.

I got an email from a woman nearby who was Peanuts original owner. I recognized her name from her paperwork. She explained that she had been posting ads for several months, desperately searching for her dog. Another woman remembered her ad when she saw mine, and connected the dots. Apparently the person who rehomed Peanut to me did not have permission to do so. Her real owner was on vacation. When she returned, the woman said that she couldn't remember any of my information. Her owner was heartbroken.

So, today I met the woman in a parking lot in front of Buy Buy Baby. She cried like a baby when she saw her. I may have teared up a little too. I was sad to let my dog go...but was she really ever even mine? I'm glad to have reunited two old friends. Maybe there was a reason that she didn't fit into my home.

Tonight we are dogless. But I actually feel good about it. =)

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