Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hey Hey, Crazy Day!


Today was one of those crazy days. We just walked in the door and got settled in and suddenly it hit me; Today was a long day.

We started early. I woke up around 7:30 (yes, this is SUPER early for me), but I hadn't slept well the night before so I was super tired. Got a shower, got dressed, all that good stuff. The kids slept until about 8:45. They were so sweet cuddled up together in my bed sine Daddy is still out of town. I wish I could have left them asleep because Ian woke up in a monstrous mood. He screamed and screamed...and screamed.

Finally I got the kids down the stairs. I was already running about 10 minutes late when I stepped in a big puddle of water on the carpet. Great. The downstairs toilet that has been acting up flooded everywhere. My carpet was soaked through. I tried to towel dry it, but it was beyond help. I got out the fan. My sister-in-law came up and said it was leaking through the basement. Great.

Rushed out the door and called the landlord on the way to drop the kids off. Got to town, dropped the kids off at my Mother-in-laws and headed out for school. Walked into class 5 minutes late. I hate being  late. Hate it. I got my chemistry exam back with the grade of an 80. Not great, but the top grade in the class. Took a minute to feel thankful that the grading curb will work in my favor.

Made it through three hours of chemistry and went to get the kids. Ian begged to go to my grandparents to play with Aiden. We did that, then went with my Mom to do some shopping in Columbus. Then left and grabbed some Wendy's on our way to get our hair done. Got my hair cut, and got some bangs. Headed back to my Grandparents house where I had left my car. When I got there I got the bug to clean it out. You don't ignore the "clean your car" bug for fear that it may not return anytime soon. I almost had a heat stroke.


Then we stopped at the car wash (had to clean the outside too!) and then at Kroger to pick a few things up. Walked in the door at 9:30 pm. The dog pooped on the floor upstairs and Vanessa-Kate tumbled all. the. way. down the stairs while I was cleaning it up.

It's time for bed right?

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