Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Vanessa-Kate: 11 months and ONE YEAR!

Age: 1 Year!!!

Things I enjoy doing at this age: Walking! Actually, running. I like to run around the house and get into anything I possible can. I like to clean out the cabinets and throw everything on to the floor. I also like to cuddle. I like to play with my brother too! I also still very much enjoy eating food and nursing!

Things I don't like: Being ignored for any period of time and Mom taking stuff I'm playing with away from me...even if they aren't toys!

Milestones: I'm walking!! I'm also talking some. And did I mention that I'm ONE year old?

How I've changed this last month: I'm developing more of a personality of my own. I'm also getting more angry. Mommy thought I was the worlds easiest going baby. I've pretty much mastered throwing a fit. I remind Mommy and Daddy a bit of my brother. They're terrified.

Clothing Size: Mostly 6-9 Months and 12 Months. I have a couple of pairs of shorts in 0-3 and 3-6 because I have a tiny butt/waist. Size 2 diapers, size 3 shoes.

Sleep: Mommy misses me sleeping through the night. I'm in Mommy and Daddy's bed and I'm on and off the boob all night long.

Eating: I just love food. Blueberries are a favorite. But any old food will do. I also have picked up on nursing more again.

Words I say: Mom, Dada, Dog-dog, Bird, Mamal, Pap (Papal).

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