Monday, November 21, 2011

Vanessa-Kate : 4 Months

Age: 4 Months

Things I enjoy doing at this age: Cuddling, Nursing, Talking, Sitting in my bumbo chair, Eating my hands, Smiling, Lots of attention!

Things I don't like: Dirty diapers and Riding in my carseat for a long time.

Milestones: I'm getting very interested in toys. And I the tip of my first tooth popped through today! I am becoming VERY chatty!

How I've changed this last month: I'm much more talkative than I was before. I'm starting to be slightly more demanding, letting my likes and dislikes be known. I'm still a very happy baby though. Mommy thinks I am the perfect baby. I'm also getting much taller.

Clothing Size: Mostly still 0-3 months. My pants are getting short, but the next size up won't stay on my waist. I had to move to 3-6 month sleepers though because I am so tall. Size 1 diapers.

Sleep: I sleep 6-8 hours minimum at night. I take good naps throughout the day.

Eating: I'm nursing for most of meals during the day now (yay!) and before bed. I still take the bottle 1-3 times per day depending on my mood though. Most of the time it is breast milk but Mommy also gives me Similac Advance sometimes too.

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