Thursday, November 10, 2011

I'm feeling lucky.

Do you ever just have a feeling about something? Not even something big or important...just something.

Well, I feel like I'm about to win something.

I've been entering a lot of sweepstakes and contests and such here and there. Some big, some small. Most of them via random websites or facebook. But I just have this feeling that I'm about to win something cool.

Did I ever tell you that my parents won a sweepstakes before?

...yeah. Real people actually win. Who knew?

Anyway, way back in the day when iPod nanos were new Tide was doing a sweepstakes. One of the 2nd place prizes was an orange iPod nano with the Tide logo as the round sliding buttons. My little brother was (and still is) obsessed with the color orange and desperately wanted and iPod. So, my Mom started entering the sweepstakes everyday. A couple of months later she got a letter in mail saying that she has won something from the contest but didn't say what. The letter was from a 3rd party company and requested her social security number. Naturally, she was hesitant. But after making some calls she confirmed that the papers were legitimate.

Turns out, she had not won an iPod. She had won the grand prize. She and my Step-Dad took a week long trip to California by plane, stayed in a hotel, got a rental car, went to Disney (land or world...whichever one is out there lol) and got a nice load of spending cash.

Pretty cool. I was just amazed to actually know someone who won something like that.

Anyway, I feel like a winner lately.

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