Monday, November 29, 2010

Momday Monday.

It has been a very cuddly Momday Monday around these parts.

The beanlet is sick. The poor kid has been running a fever of 103 off and on since yesterday afternoon. Generally, when he gets sick its a "scream-all-freaking-day-long" kind of sick, which really sucks. And naturally, I feel horrible for him, but there is only so much motherly sympathy one can spew out when they are being screamed at constantly.

This is not that kind of sick.

This is the kind of sick where all he wants to is cuddle. I actually feel guilty because I've been enjoy him in his sick mood. That sounds bad. Let me clarify, I want him to be better more than anything. His warm little body and his sick eyes break my heart into a million pieces. But it is so sweet the way that he cuddles. All he has wanted to do all day is cuddle, even when he's awake, he just curls up on my lap (or his Dad-Dad's lap) and sits there. He is freaking adorable. I'm just praying that he starts to feel better soon, you can just see how sick he is in his eyes.

Alas, it's a virus. So, he just has to ride it out for the next 4 or 5 days.
Even as a sick kid at the doctor, he's absolutely adorable, right? =)

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