Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I wish that I was as creative as I thought I was. Yep.

I've always fancied myself as the creative type.

I always come up with cute ideas in my head. I will lie in bed thinking about how easy it would be to do. Then I often drift off to sleep while I picture myself making them. I see things on etsy and I often think to myself "Hey, I could totally do that!".

But the truth is, I'm not very good at execution.

The few projects that I have finished came out sub par either because the project turned out to be way more complicated than what I am capable of doing, or because the project was just not nearly as easy as I thought, so I start taking really weird shortcuts. I have a few projects that have come out pretty good, however those are the ones that were started by me and finished by someone else.

Which leads me to wonder, how in the hell do people do it? I wish that I could churn out wonderfully perfect domestic gifts that are even better than store bought gifts. I swear, I just don't have it in me. I'm a perfectionist, and because of that, I become easily discouraged.

I've been considering making these really cool compound butters (aka, flavored butters) that I saw in USA Today a couple of weeks ago as Christmas gift. I have been through all of the motions. I have thought about how yummy they would be, and all of the delicious flavors that I could create (because I am just sooo creative), I've laid in my bed and pictured myself making these wonderful gifts with ease, and placing them in perfect little white dishes.

But here's the reality; I won't do it. And if I do, it will not turn out well.


I wish I was as creative as I thought I was.

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  1. I hear ya. I love etsy for this reason, I think of what I want, the non crafty part of myself then searches etsy for what Im looking for and then I buy without hesitation. why? because I know I am not crafty.

    My Dad helped me paint my bedroom when I was 17 and a few minutes in he told me to paint solely the closet (so no one would actually see my work).

    I volunteered in college for habitat for humanity (i swear the broucher says you do not need abilities or skills...) within the first few minutes they handed me a can of paint and told me to go room from room and paint the...closets.

    How did they know? Do I have "bad at all crafts" stamped on my forehead, I mean I couldn't even offer my services for a good cause??