Thursday, August 30, 2012

A quick word about my Ian:

My Ian is a rough kid to parent.
He's sensitive, and picky, and isn't so keen on things not going according to his schedule.
He's fussy and finicky.
He's stubborn and sometimes he yells.
There are so many "but's"
He's sweet, and kind, and as loving as they come
He worries about other's feelings, almost too often.
He's fun, and funny, and a joy to be around.
He makes me laugh, he makes me cry,
He makes me wonder what's going through his head often times.
He's a goofball and a nutcase
And he's my baby...
And he says that I'm his baby too.
He's my sweetpea, my sunshine, and my bubby boy.
And as rough as he is,
He is worth every second.

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