Thursday, February 16, 2012

Don't believe my son.

Yesterday we were getting ready to go out shopping with my grandma. There are three stairs that lead from the house to the garage. Ian was walking ahead of me, and I had all of the baby gear and Vanessa-Kate in the infant carseat behind. Ian fell down the stairs, face first. I sat Vanessa-Kate down and made sure he was okay. There didn't seem to be any real damage, and he only cried for 2 seconds before he dried up and asked to push the button on the wall to open the garage door. We got in the car, and all was well.

5 minutes later a voice comes from the back seat;

Ian: Mommy, I falled down in the garage.

Me: Yep.

Ian: I got a ouchie on my face.

Me: Yes, you did. Are you okay now?

Ian: You threw me down the stairs.

Me: No baby, you fell down the stairs.

Ian: Yeah! You throwed me.

Gees kid. What am I going to do with him.

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