Sunday, January 22, 2012

Potty Training; Sense of humor required.

We've finally reached a pretty solid point in potty training with Ian. He doesn't have very many accidents, and he both pee's and poop's in the potty. So, we're doing pretty well. We try to make him wear his big boy underwear around the house...but he much prefers nudity.

Seriously, my kid is always nude. It's starting to become embarrassing. If you are my friend on facebook you might notice that Ian's naked behind is in the corner of many of my recent pictures of Vanessa-Kate. You might even think that I suddenly don't like Ian as much, due to the lack of pictures. But in reality...he's just always naked these days.

He has taken to wearing "underwear diapers", otherwise known as pull-up's to the rest of the world, while we're out. I know that this makes potty training take longer but to be completely honest; I don't care. I really don't mind changing slightly wet pull-up's for a little longer instead of constantly having to carry extra pairs of jeans and underwear with me. ::shrugs::

So I've learned that potty training takes patience, time, persistence, extra treats and praise and... one hell of a sense of humor. Parenting takes a person who can laugh at themselves and laugh things off. How else do you deal with your toddler loudly asking "Are you gonna make a biiigg poop?" everytime you take him into a public restroom with you. And you have to answer. If you don't, he will not hesitate to ask you again in a louder voice. If you tell him "yes", he will say "good job", if you tell him "no", he will say "Just try to make a big poop. I'll give you some candys." As a parent I suppose you just have to learn to laugh or you would just cry.

Yesterday he took his baby doll that we bought him when I found out that I was pregnant with Vanessa-Kate and put it on the potty. He quietly sat and coached and encouraged him to go poop in the potty. He was really very sweet about it. He even told that it was okay that he didn't go. I hope that kind of playing pretend is the way that he perceives me acting towards him.

Also, I must add, tiny little boy cartoon character underwear are the cutest things that have even been in my laundry. Ever.

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