Thursday, December 15, 2011

I wish I could be super awesome & Christmasy & such.

Every single year I do this to myself. I think of all of the super awesome things that I'm going to do once the Christmas season arrives.

The fantasy; I'm going to bake cookies. I'm going to wear a cute apron while doing it. Also, I'm going to be super pretty and thin while baking the cookies because I've been working hard all year. I wrap pretty little packages with lots of ribbons and bows on top. My home is decorated with beautiful handmade decorations that I have recently created. I make wreaths and give them to friends and family. We drink a lot of hot chocolate with peppermint in it.

The Reality; I have a pack of Toll House pre-made sugar cookies in the fridge that are just begging to be slapped on a pan. I only have them because I got them for $1 with a coupon. I'm putting off making them because I'm still promising myself that I'm going to loose some weight. I may or may not own an apron. If I do, I have no idea where it is. It's also not very cute. None of my packages have ribbons and bows. In fact, I have written names in strange places on them because I can't find my gift tags. My dog has opened 2 gifts that I've already wrapped. My son has opened 1. My stockings still aren't hung and I have an old snowglobe on the counter. It's starting to change colors. One of my 3 wise mens' camels on has 2 legs. It had 3 at the start of the Christmas season. I don't make wreaths. I don't own a wreath. I own a wreath hanger though. Also, I can't make hot chocolate at home. Milk is gross. I don't keep it in my refridgertor. Ever.

Oh well.

Maybe next year I can be super awesome & Christmasy & such. =)

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