Thursday, December 22, 2011

I love being a family.

Being a parent is really something isn't it?

Tonight Toby and I went out for the first time by ourselves since Vanessa-Kate was born 5 months ago. We talked about work, fantasy football, the weather, and day-to-day activities. We laughed, we had a good time. But by the time we were heading back the conversation had already turned to our babies.

We really have amazing kids don't we?
I love them so much. Tremendously much.

And I had one of the moments where it dawned on me; there was nothing more than we wanted than to be at home cuddled on the couch with our babies. We had babysitters who would have stayed late into the night if we wanted them to...but before 9pm, we just wanted to go home and enjoy the company of of kids.

On the way home we talked about how special they were, and how fast they are growing. Ian has changed so much, as has parenting him. It's a whole new kind of rewarding now that he can express himself. Nothing makes it more worthwhile than the "Mommy I love you soooo much" 's and the "Let's hold hands" 's that he gives me all of the time. And nursing Vanessa-Kate has been such a rewarding experience. I'm so glad I stuck it through the hard times because now I have a way to bond with her in such a special way. And when she looks up and me and gives me that silly milky smile of hers, my heart tells me that she loves me too.

So we came home and we held our babies. And it was wonderful.

There is no greater feeling in the world than having a family. Each and every day gets better. I'm so glad to have them this Christmas. They make it all worth while.

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