Friday, October 21, 2011

Vanessa-Kate: 3 Months

Age: 3 Months

Things I enjoy doing at this age: Stretching my legs, trying to stand, smiling at people, laughing, playing with my taggie blanket, cuddling, taking baths, and being in the Moby wrap.

Things I don't like: Dirty diapers. They are about the only thing that make me cry.

Milestones: I'm holding my head up very well. I've started babbling.

How I've changed this last month: My personality is really starting to shine. I laugh and smile much more often. I have started to play with my blankets. I am staying awake much more often. I am such an extremely happy and easy going baby. Also, I like to talk, talk, and talk.

Clothing Size: 0-3 month clothing...though many of my sleepers are getting too short. My waist is very slim but I am very tall. Pants are difficult. My preemie pants fit my waist but they are like shorts! Size 1 diapers.

Sleep: I sleep 6-8 hours minimum at night. I take good naps throughout the day.

Eating: I drink 3-4 oz of breast milk from a bottle every couple of hours. Mommy feeds me one bottle of Enfamil Newborn Formula everyday too so that she can freeze some extra milk for me. Plus it's easy when we're on the go. Sometimes I like to nurse to calm down...but I'm still not so great at it.

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