Friday, October 21, 2011

Tonight my heart is heavy.

There are some things in life that just cannot be explained. One of which is why children get sick, and why children can't always stay here on earth.

I've written about Keegan and The Chupps before. I met Beth on a message board some time ago. Beth has always had an amazing spirit. She is positive, friendly, and outgoing. Though I have never met Beth in person, I can tell you that any child would be lucky to have her as a Mother. Beth's son Keegan is 2 years old. He has been battling sickness and childhood cancer since the early times of his life. He is a strong and courageous little man, and he has beat the odds many times before.

Today Keegan was sent home to be under the care of hospice.

An MRI scan earlier today revealed that Keegans cancer has spread. It has taken over his brain, his spine, and is spreading throughout his little body.

It is times like these that make it hard to put our trust and faith in the lord. Times like these that make us want to just scream "why!?" at God. So often we take difficult situations head on by saying "It's Gods plan, he will show us the way". But I can't help but wonder how I would feel if someone told me that if my child were terminally ill. I don't think that any parent can ever be at peace with the fact that their baby was taken away from them. Times like these are such a test of faith.

Tonight, I can't stop crying. I have prayed for Keegan every. single. night. for months on end. I believed wholeheartedly that he would someday be okay. My heart aches for Beth, her husband Ryan, and their entire family. The sadness this news has brought me is unbearable. I cannot imagine what they must be feeling.

I love my children so deeply. It has always felt as if they were actually a part of me. I cannot imagine having to live a single day without them, let alone a lifetime. Tonight we should all hold our loved ones a little tighter, hold them a little longer, kiss them a couple of extra times. Take an extra minute to read them another book. Do anything. Just cherish them.

Let this be a reminder of how important it is that we fund research for childhood cancer cures. I have made a donation to St.Judes tonight in honor of Keegan and all of the other children who have been though similar things. Please find your own way to support childhood cancer research. No donation is too small.

Lastly, Beth; I know I speak for all of us when I say that if you need anything DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK. There is such a strong community of people rallying around you. I know that there is little that can help right now. But please reach out when you need to. There are so many of us out there that have never even met you, yet we would do anything to help. We are all here for you. God Bless.

Karing for Keegan

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