Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'm not a team player.

Tomorrow is the first day of Fall classes. Which means that starting tomorrow I am going to be a miserable person until December 4th, which is coincidentally, the last day of Fall classes.

I'm so close to graduation that I can taste it, which is the only thing that keeps me going at this point. But to be honest I am burnt out. I am dragging my feet through these last few classes.

You see...I did a silly thing. I took all of the classes that didn't sound miserable first and saved the others for later. It is now later, and I am kicking myself. This quarter I am taking two classes that I'm not so hyped-up about. One of those classes is team building.

I am not a team player.

It's not that I'm difficult to work with. In fact, most people enjoy being on a team with me because I tend to make it easier on them. I hate relying on other people. I am the type who likes to sit down, really focus, and get things done on my own. I don't mess around with my school work. I like to get it finished as fast as possible. Not in a way that I don't work hard at it, just in a way that I like to finish what I start with as few breaks as possible.

Groups don't work like that.

Groups have to listen to each other, ask questions, and do whatever else it is that highly functioning groups do. I'm not looking forward to it. I'm actually dreading it entirely.

*sigh* I'm pretty sure that this class was designed to fix people like me. I'm not a team player, but I'm hoping to make it through this with as little stress as possible and successfully.

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  1. I hate team work. I would rather work on my own then rely on someone else. Is that a bad thing? At least I know Im dependable. :) Good luck on your classes, I give you credit I doubt I could have done school and raised two kids at once. Your super mom.