Tuesday, June 14, 2011


We all have fears.

Most of our fears are natural, normal fears. It is healthy to have a certain level of fear when it comes to things that are dangerous. But it seems that most parents have a certain fear that shakes them to the core. That haunts them. That they are almost convinced will happen to them if they don't take action. The fear is generally irrationally large, but is of something that is normal to be afraid of.

For Toby, it's pools. He seems to be very nervous about Ian falling in a pool and no one noticing. For me, it's car accidents. I am extremely picky about car safety. I check the car seat installation every single time. I make sure his buckles are tight, and that the chest piece is always placed in the right spot. I worry.

But the single most important thing that I do is kiss him every single time I put him in his carseat. Every. Time. Without fail. I need to know that if something were to ever happen to him, that I kissed him and that I loved him.

As a parent, what more can you do? I can't let my fear of car accidents take over my life. I can't wrap memory foam padding and duct tape around him every time I place him in the car. I just have to be careful, and do the best that I can.

Something reminded me today that we must never ever take our healthy families for granted. I can honestly say that I do not. I worry about them too often. I make it a point to take the time to hug, kiss, and hold Ian everyday. I tell him how much he means to me, and that I feel so blessed to have him in my life. I tell my husband that I appreciate him, and that I value him, and that I love him with all of my heart. When I say my nightly prayers, I thank God for all of the wonderful people in my life, one by one, and I ask him to take care of them for another day.

I'm not sure what the point is. But, hold your families tight. And thank God for each and every day that you get to spend with them.

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