Friday, May 6, 2011

Flashback Friday.

I've always loved this video. This is Ian and Aiden playing in the park last August. I can't believe how much they have grown since then. But I also can't believe that this has been nearly a year ago. In my mind, it seems like yesterday.

This is just one of those memories that sticks vividly in your mind, for no particular reason. It. just. sticks.

I remember sitting in the grass and that it felt itchy on my thighs. I remember watching the boys run back and forth through the grass, thinking how I couldn't believe how well they were walking. I remember Ian's wispy hair blowing in the nice breeze. I remember how hurt Ian was that Aiden was too busy playing to let him give him a big hug, but how kept trying and trying and trying, no matter how many times he knocked the both of them over in the process.

I remember thinking about how I'd like to take the boys to fazolis afterwards, and watch them chomp down on their favorite foods. I thought about how proud I was that they were eating real food like big boys. I remember thinking about Ian's upcoming first birthday. I remember thinking "boys will be boys" as they became fasinated with picking up big sticks they found on the ground. I remember being really thirsty. =)


I'll always remember this as one of my favorite days of their "babyhood". Before they were big. When Ian still took a binky, and they still drank from bottles.

Looking back at things like this make time seem like such a strange concept.

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