Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I don't love hormones.

I love pregnancy. Don't get me wrong. But the one thing that I don't love is the random hormonal rushes that come along with it. I'll be cool all day long, no worries, and then BAM, I'm all I'm going to bite your head off if you talk because your voice is annoying me right now. For. no. reason.

For the most part, I'm good about keeping the thoughts to myself. When I feel like I've suddenly starting thinking crappy thoughts, I usually try to go and be alone so that I don't spread my crappiness around. I can generally tell when it's going on because I start getting snappy with myself in my thoughts. I'll be reading a magazine and I'll see a shirt that I don't like in it, and instead of just thinking "Oh, hrm. I don't really like that shirt", it goes something more like this; Ew. Why did anyone ever create that shirt? It's so ugly. I hope no one would pay for that shirt. And if someone did I bet they are just stupid. I bet (insert the name of someone whom I dislike) would buy that shirt. Idiot. And that's when I know that it's probably a good idea to go somewhere and be alone so that I don't make the world a crappier place with my attitude. Generally it doesn't last more than an hour or two...but it happens.

The worst part is, I hate that I would blame something like that on "pregnancy hormones". It's no excuse to be rude. It sounds like a cop out, but it's true. You should see me when my blood sugar starts dropping really fast because I haven't eaten in too long. It drops low and I start getting annoyed, I get annoyed and my hormones start flaring up, I get more annoyed because of that, and then I get confused about why I'm annoyed because low blood sugar makes it hard to think straight, then I spend 45 minutes trying to figure out *why* I'm so pissed off...and then I remember to eat. 10 seconds after the food hits my stomach, things start turning around.

Anyhow, I'm kind of in one of those moods right now. I'm just annoyed. I don't want to be annoyed, I just am. You have no idea how much restraint it took not to call Toby while he was out just to complain at him for putting the fresh steaks that I bought for dinner tomorrow night in the freezer. You don't freeze fresh meat unless you're not eating it. If I wanted frozen meat I would have bought frozen meat...for cheaper than fresh meat!! After 5 minutes of slamming the frozen steaks around the kitchen and being pissy about having to thaw them before I marinate them, I realised I needed a time out. So, I am NOT going to yell at my husband for freezing the steaks when he gets home because he doesn't deserve it. Not one bit.


I think I'm just going to go eat something. =/

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  1. Im sorry but you made me laugh reading this. So thrilled you are having a girl by the way. How did you choose her name?