Friday, January 7, 2011


I remember a time (not so very long ago) when I had no problem whatsoever paying 69.95 for each pair of jeans that I purchased. My idea of couponing was when I was lucky enough to find a coupon stuck to the item that I was already buying. Sometimes I didn't use my fuel rewards discounts because I just didn't feel like it.

Ha. The idea that I was once that person makes me laugh.

Today, I am obsessive about coupons. Last night I battled a horrible snow storm with a fussy baby just to score jumbo packs of diapers for 3.50 each, and I spend hours standing over spreadsheets (you think I'm kidding...I'm not) in order to find the best possible way to stack coupons to find free items at Kroger. It's really a little over the top, it is. But the truth is, that I enjoy it. It's one of the few things that takes my mind of the responsibilities of being a Mom, a wife, a student, and well, a functioning human being.

The funniest part of all of this is how my definition of the world splurge had changed. A splurge used to be a coach bag, or a pair of diamond earrings. Now, not so much. I found myself having this conversation with Toby this week:

Me: You know, I always have different shampoos and conditioners and stuff because I use what I can get for free, or next to free with coupons. I think next time I'm just going to splurge and get the one that I really like.

Toby: What's that?

Me: Herbal Essences.

Toby: Oh okay. Is it expensive or something?

Me: 2.50 a bottle.

Toby: Hun, that's not splurging. It's just not free.

Oh my. I think think that I have created a couponing monster.

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