Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My child likes to shower.

We've discovered something since the move; Ian loves to take showers.

I don't mean that he tolerates them because we don't have a bath tub, I mean he really loves taking showers. He bangs on the bathroom door several times a time and screams "baaatttthhh".

Then when it is finally that time of day, he does the following;

A. Steps into the shower.
B. Stick his hand out and test the water.
C.Step into the water, lean his head back and let out a long *siiiggghhh*.
D. Grab his washcloth and scrub himself.

It's honestly the cutest thing ever. He showers like such a little man. And he doesn't mind the water in his face at all. In fact, he loves that too.

He just seems to be doing so many grown up things lately. He doesn't sit in the high chair anymore since we've moved. He just sits in a booster at the table with us. He gets his own little bowl, and his own little fork and he eats his own little helping of whatever we're eating. The things that he is learning to do amaze me. Before I know it he's going to be using the potty, and tying his own shoes.

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  1. Goodness this is adorable!!! Yay for the move I want to see pictures of the new set up and that cute little kitchen table.