Saturday, October 2, 2010

With the next baby...

I find myself saying that a whole lot. "With the next baby I'm going to _______, With the next baby I'm going to buy a ______." and so on and so forth.

So, I am going to use this time to express to you all of the things I am going to do...the next time.

Things I want to do:
-Breastfeed longer, which also means learning to nurse in public. (NIP) I am not going to be ashamed or embarassed next time.
-Take more pictures while in labor and right after he or she is born. However, still no vag shots. Kthanks.
-Not sweat the small stuff so much.
-Eat better during pregnancy and try to find a way to manage my gestational diabetes better.
-Stop and enjoy pregnancy. I found myself missing it after Ian was born.
-Advocate more for myself and my baby during labor and delivery. Those of you who have read my birth story know that I had a very hard labor, which caused some medical problems for both Ian and I. That will not be happening again.
-Splurge and buy a few nice maternity pieces that I feel good in.
-Get maternity shots done (with Ian and Toby in them as well)

And now to the fun part!

Things I am going to buy when we have another baby!

1. The Baby Jogger Baby Micro City Double Stroller: With Ian, we never took the time to buy a very nice stroller, and I wish that we would have. With two in tow, I will certainly splurge to get a nice stroller to tote the tots around in. This one is priced at 299.99...but I'm good at finding sales. Plus... I love craiglist!

2. The Nap Nanny: After dealing with Ian's horrible acid reflux, I absoutely would love to have one of these next time! They hold baby in a position that reduces the risk of SIDS, and that reducs colic and reflux. Plus, they are lightweight, and made of very soft, comfy, high quality material. I have heard nothing but wonderful things about these! I picked it out in pink because...well...part of me really hopes the next one is a girl.

3. The Snoogle Pregnancy Pillow: I will do anything to sleep better than I did when I was pregnant with Ian. End. Of. Story.
4. Mommy and Me Nursing Set: Yes, I know that nobody needs this, but it's so cute. I saw someone on facebook with a set of these in their hospital pics and it was so. darn. cute. This is one of the things I am dying to have next time!5. The biggest, most comfy, nursery glider in the world: Okay, so maybe not the one pictured, but I really want a comfy glider. This goes along with the whole "wanting to breastfeed" longer thing. I want someplace nice and cozy where baby and I can nurse and be comfortable. get the idea. I keep planning what I'm going to do next time. Thanks for reading my pointless post. =)


  1. These things look great! I had one of those pregnancy pillows and loved it. I just tossed it out recently because it had gotten too flat. But man was it awesome my husband bought it for me for our anniversary I was 20 weeks along. And the stroller we have is the Chicco travel system and we really love it. The best part is they just came out with a double stroller, I so want one of those the next time around too! And I might want a little girl as well? Im so torn I would love another little boy but a girl would be amazing as well!

  2. I know! I'm so torn about whether I want a girl or a boy. I know I would like to have a little girl because I've never had one and I would love to buy lots of cute girly things. But I am so comfortable and familiar with having a boy. Plus, it would be cute to see Ian have his own personal mini me. lol.

  3. good list! Very similar to my own... so is this something happening in the near future?