Sunday, September 5, 2010


Today my little boy seemed so big.
He wore jeans just like Daddys,
and a white button up shirt.
And ever though his little brown shoes squeak with each step,
they still made him look big.

He brought toys, and handed them to me.
And he stacked the legos all by himself.
He pointed upwards and shouted "lights",
pronounced "yiites" over and over again.
And he just seemed to big.

He gave out hugs.
He leaned over everyones shoulders, held on tight.
From where I was standing I could see his big smile,
and his little sigh of comfort
He just looked so big.

He went to lunch
where he rested his little head on the wooden table
and peacefully napped,
like a schoolboy at his desk during math.
And he just looked so big.

When did my tiny baby, become a big boy?
When did I stop being a "new mom"?
Where does the time go,
and will it ever slow down again?
Because I'm starting to see just how precious every second is.


  1. so sweet your little boy is! (Don't know why I went all Yoda talk there...)

    I am still jealous of the fact he seems to be able to fall asleep anywhere!

  2. Good grief, the girls have no chance. No chance at all. He is so handsome already! Such a cutie.