Saturday, September 18, 2010

I've been busy.

I hate that I haven't updated much over the last week or so. It feels like I have been super busy, but I don't know what with. I have had the last couple of weeks off of school, so maybe I was just getting the most out of my time off.

Anyway, so we have good news. Toby finally got a promotion, which will be able to help us out significantly. We should be able to be completely debt free (and in a comfortable financial position) within two months. That is such a relief. It also means that we are getting super close to having our own place.

Thank. God. We really need this. I figure that we will find very modest place to rent, and try to stay someplace cheap. We really only need a one bedroom right now, since Ian's crib is in our room and as of now, thats the easiest way to deal with his waking up in the middle of the night. That way, because we will still not be spending much money, we can still continue to save to buy our own house while still having our own space.

I am just so proud of my husband. Since Ian was born, Toby has done nothing but work his butt off to get us to where we are. And yet, he still comes home with a good attitude and always helps Ian and I out when he gets home. He is absolutely amazing. I'm proud of all that he has been able to accomplish at work. He has moved up so quickly in the company due to his hard work and good attitude alone.

The stress is finally melting away.

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