Friday, September 24, 2010

Ian likes to scream at me.

Oh. My. God. I am so close to the end of my rope today. I love my sweet boy, but I cannot stand the days where all he wants to do is scream and whine at me all day long.

It started when he woke up. From the moment that his little head left the bed, he started screaming. He screamed at me while I washed my face. He screamed while I brushed my teeth. He screamed while I brushed his teeth (resulting in a foamy mess). He screamed when I filled his sippy. He screamed while I packed the diaper bag. He screamed while I got dressed. He screamed while I got him dressed. He screamed while I rocked back in forth in the corner, hunched down in the fetal position.

...okay, so maybe that last part didn't happen...yet.

The point is, he screamed and whined all day. I had plans to have a shopping day with my cousin. He screamed on and off throughout the day, but he mostly whined. He made a constant whining noise while I pushed him in the cart, meanwhile he was yanking at the button on my new sweater (that I just bought yesterday!), until it got so loose that it is hanging by a thread. He tried climbing out of the cart on his head as well.

Then, he screamed at lunch. So, I picked him up to calm him down, at which point he yanked on my ear ring so hard that I almost cried. I honestly don't know how he didn't actually rip my ear lobe.

Then we went grocery shopping...and he screamed. Then it was raining when we went back out to the car. Then he screamed in the car. It was freaking excellent. Then he screamed when we got home while I put away the groceries. He screamed while I tried to hold him and comfort him. I know that he must be teething or something, so don't get me wrong, I feel horrible for him. But, I'm still loosing my effing mind.

And it's still an hour or two until his bed time. Dear Lord, grant me strength.

But, on the bright side, my wonderful husband must have used his super husband abilities to know that I was having a bad day, because he came home with a gift card for a full body massage because he said that he knows that he has been working late a lot lately, and that I must be stressed between having to be with Ian alone all of the time and doing school. I'm really kind of fond of him, I think I'll keep him. =)

Anyway, I think that I will go see if my son would like to scream at me, hurt me, or ruin anymore of my new clothes.

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