Saturday, August 14, 2010

My little man.

I can't believe that my little man is going to be ONE in just two days. Err... well basically one day, because it is actually midnight, and I will asleep soon. Either way, it's very soon.

He has hit a new stage, and it's really fun. Over the last week he has been nothing but sweet. He has been giggly, playful, NOT fussy at all, and has behaving himself so well. We've been doing so many fun things. I've tried to take him outside to play as much as I could this week. He loves it, and he's been so good. But the humidity has been really intense, so we have only made it out a few times for a short amount of time. But we had so. much. fun. while we were out. Have I mentioned how much FUN my baby has been? lol. This is so new for us, because though I love Ian dearly he is a generally very high needs...aka...clingy and fussy.

But this last week has been heaven. I hope that we can continue to have this much fun!

Mommy loves you sweet-a pea!

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