Monday, February 22, 2010

Back to school, back to school...

It's been a busy week in the Starr home. Ian turned six months old, and Toby and I made some major life changing choices.

As I have mentioned before, Toby has been attending ITT Tech for Business. After stumbling across some worrisome articles online about the school we decided to look a little closer at what we were getting ourselves into. It turns out that they were charging us thousands more that we ever dreamed. They told us "Don't worry about financial aid. We take care of everything for you so it's less stressful!"


They were planning to charge us over 30,000 for an associates degree! Not happening. On top of that, after doing more research we found that many major companies don't even recognize their accredidation since it is national, not regional.

I guess we just feel really stupid and taken advantage of. If it would have been a lesser known school I guess we would have looked into it more. But I'm always seeing advertisements for ITT and they just seemed so helpful, and legit. I guess they saw us coming from a mile away. So, with heavy hearts, we made the decision to drop all classes with them and not to gain even more debt than what we already have.

But out with the bad and in with the good. Some good did come out of the situation. Toby has been blessed with a great position at work and he can now focus on that...while I go back to school! I'm so excited! I've been planning on going back, but not until Toby graduated. But this gives me a whole new oppourtunity. So, as long as all goes right tommorow when I register for classes I will be starting March 29th. I already have a pretty decent amount of credits, so that should be helpful.

I should enter the Nursing (RN) program in Winter of 2010. I can't wait.

We are both really letting this go into God's hands now and hoping that this was his way of showing us that I was supposed to go back to school.

Now, totally unrealted, but for your viewing pleasure, some cute pictures of Ian.

Ian being a cutie in his cool outfit.

Ian and Aiden getting ready to go see their Great-Grandparents.

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