Monday, May 21, 2012

Vanessa-Kate : 10 Months

Age: 10 Months

Things I enjoy doing at this age: Well, I still love to eat. I will eat anything, anytime, anywhere. Including yucky stuff off the floor. I also love to be outside. When Mommy & Daddy take me on a walk in my stroller I love to feel the wind in my face. I also love to play with my big brother. Now that I'm getting older we love to play. I laugh and laugh at him. I also like to go visit my Mamal's and Papal's houses.

Things I don't like: People not giving me their food, Mom not picking me up.

Milestones: I have FOUR TEETH. My bottom middle two teeth have been in but now my top front teeth are in. I'm also learning to walk. I'm not quite there yet, but I'm close!!

How I've changed this last month: I am getting so big! I LOVE to go off and play on my own with my big brother. I like playing with toys and I have started to laugh out loud constantly. I find myself to be a real comedian.

Clothing Size: 6-9 months, size 2 diapers. But I'm a skinny butt so my Mom is still putting me in 3 to 6 month shorts now that it's summer-like weather.

Sleep: Doing okay. I usually spend the first half of the night in my crib and the second half in Mommy & Daddy's bed nursing the night away.

Eating: If it is food, I love eating it. If it is not food, I will still probably love eating it. I ate a 6 oz piece of steak this week. I usually eat a dinner the same size as my brother. I'm totally down with healthy foods. Also, I still love my Mommy's milk. =) I've also really taken to drinking nice cold water.

Words I say: Still not talking much other than the occasional "Mom" "Dada" or "Yeah.

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