Friday, October 7, 2011

Flashback Friday.

Ian's first bath at home.

It was a really warm day, considering it was mid August. I remember how nervous I was about giving him his first bath. How would I keep his cord dry. How would I rinse his face off? Funny how everything worries new Moms.

We decided that he would be more comfortable if we bathed him on the back porch. The house was cool because of the air conditioner. We took his bathing seat outside and washed him. He made the saddest little crying face. He had the most heartbreaking cry. Actually, his face still kind of looks like that when he cries. Except it's bigger, and more noise comes out of it.

After his bath I put him in a diaper and swaddled him in a light green cotton blanket and cuddled him. =)

And that was Ian's first bath.

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