Monday, August 8, 2011

I hope this is the slowest week ever.

...because one week from today, this little booger will be two years old.

I'm not sure if I can handle that. He wasn't supposed to get any older than 18 months. For some reason, that was the ceiling for me. He was supposed to turn 18 months old, and then just stay there forever. I know that I'm so very blessed to get the chance to watch my little boy grow into a big kid, because not everyone gets that chance, but I still feel like time has gone too quickly. Today he is two, tomorrow he'll be twenty.

It makes me wonder how long he'll want to be my baby. How much longer will he want to sleep cuddled up to my back every night? I can't even bare to kick him out of my bed anymore...because the truth is, no matter how uncomfortable it is to sleep with him there, I want him there. And all of the backaches in the world can't put a damper on how good it feels to wake up to him stroking my hair and whispering "Mommmyyy".

He's growing so much everyday. I hope we can just take this next week slow, and take the time to enjoy the small things like popsicles on the back porch, holding hands during naps, and reading the same books over and over again.


I love that little booger so much. It's hard to imagine that he won't be little forever.

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