Monday, June 20, 2011

Week 34

Current Week: 34

Weeks to go: 6-ish

Weight gain: 12 lbs or more. I'll go to the OB this week and know for sure.

Stretchies: No new ones so far!

Movement: Often.

Cravings: ICE.

Sleep: Getting worse in a hurry.

Best moment this week: Ian deciding to pee in the potty all by himself!

Gender: Girly-girl.

Labor signs: Some irregular contractions as normal, pelvic pain. I have a feeling she is coming sooner rather than later though. Hoping for a couple more weeks though!

Belly button: Normal innie, but headed towards flat-ish.

What I miss: Not having headaches all day, everyday.

What I'm looking forward to: Honestly, the pizza I'm cooking coming out of the oven.

Weekly wisdom: My head hurts.

Milestones: I packed the hospital bag! =)

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