Monday, May 9, 2011

Week 28.

Current Week: 28

Weeks to go: 12 (holy moly, is that all?!?)

Weight gain: Not sure. Haven't checked. Under 10.

Stretchies: Just Ian's leftovers. =P

Movement: Plenty.

Cravings: Not much. I could go for some Long John Silvers though.

Sleep: Could be better, could be worse. Going to the chiropractor is helping.

Best moment this week: Mother's Day. =)

Gender: Girly-girl.

Labor signs: Irregular contractions. All of the time.

Belly button: Normal innie.

What I miss: Bending over like a normal person.

What I'm looking forward to: The *awesome* weather this week has in store!

Weekly wisdom: No wisdom this week.

Milestones: Ian can say "Vanessa"!!! =)

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