Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A nice day out.

The Booger and I had such a nice day out.

Daddy went to work early, so we had the whole day to ourselves. We'd rather he be here, but we make the best of it either way.

We got up, and got a long shower. We filled up the bottom with big bubbles and played until the water got cold. Then we brushed our teeth, put on lotion, got dressed, and put on our shoes.

Mommy decided that Ian was super cute and that he needed a treat. Ian decided that his treat should be fries.

So we walked less than one block down the street to our favorite diner. Ian sat on one side of the booth, and Mommy sat on the other. He didn't even use a booster seat, you know, because he's super-duper big and all. He was proud of himself. Ian ordered fries and bacon (the breakfast of champions) and Mommy had eggs, rye toast, bacon, and mashed potatoes and gravy (in place of the traditional hashbrowns). Halfway through the meal Ian joined Mommy on her side of the booth.

Then Ian stopped to look at the stuffed doggies in the window at the grooming place. He barked at them. Then he stopped to say "hiiiiiiii" to the old man coming out of the apartment. Then he waved at the little boy getting his hair cut through the barbershop window. Then he stopped to admire the giant red rubber exercise balls inside the gym. Who knew that they even made balls that big?! Then he stopped to admire how "prrriiiittttyyyy" the ribbons hanging in the printshop window were. Then he climbed the stairs at the apartment (all by himself, no doubt) shouting "hommme, hommmmmeee" until he opened the door.

It was a very good trip. =)

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