Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Little Joys for a Toddler.

I never imagine that this raggedy old shirt would make anyone as happy as it makes my beanlet.

It's old, bright yellow, basically see-through, and it has a big monkey on the front. It also shows the writing backwards and the monkeys butt on the back (which is ironic since it's pretty much see-through for real). It's also the worlds most comfortable shirt. Toby and I fight over who gets to wear it when it comes home with the clean clothes.

But the best part of this shirt, is how overthefreakingmoon happy it makes Ian. When he's sees that I have this shirt on he runs towards me and starts jumping up and down saying "Mimi, Mimi, Mimi!" Which translates to "Monkey, Monkey, Monkey!" in Ianneese. Then he sits in my lap, strokes my shirt, and talks about the monkey for what see
ms like an hour. He will do this several times throughout the day.

Then, over the next few days he expresses his disappointment that all of my shirts don't have monkey's on them. He will poke my chest and say "Mimi?" in the saddest little voice. He makes his big blue eyes even shiny than usual. He pouts, and he makes me feel bad about having such a lack of animals in my wardrobe.

But it's a really really great shirt. Seriously, everyone agrees.
P.S. Yeah, I know. I look hot with icky hair and no makeup. Ha.

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