Thursday, March 17, 2011

I love saving money.

As you know, we've been preparing for Vanessa-Kates arrival, so we've been stocking up on great deals. I'm a big couponer and money-saver, as any of you who read my other blog Momma Smells a Deal already know. While I have scored lots of deals on other things such as clothes, bottles, binkies, and nursing supplies, here are my diaper and wipes deals.

What you see:

(3) Boxes of Pampers Soft Care Wipes, 720 count each
Retail; 24.99 Each, Paid: 2.19 each

(4) Packs of Pampers Clean N Go, 60 count each
Retail: 1.99 Each, Paid: .50 each

(1) Pack of Huggies Natural Care Small Pack, 40 count
Retail: 1.49, Paid: FREE

(1) Box Huggies Sensitive Wipes, 64 count
Retail: 2.49, Paid: FREE

(1) Box Pampers Sensitive Thick Care Wipes, 60 count
Retail: 2.99, Paid: FREE

(2) Packages Earths Best Size 1 Diapers, 44 count each
Retail: 10.99 each, Paid: 2.50 each

(1) Package Earths Best Size 2 Diapers, 40 count
Retail: 10.99, Paid: 2.50

(1) Package Huggies Pure & Natural Size 1 diapers, 33 count
Retail: 9.99, Paid: 3.99

(1) Package Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers in Newborn Size, 36 count
Retail: 9.99, Paid: 3.99

(2) Boxes Pampers Swaddlers Size Newborn, 84 count each
Retail: 24.99 each, Paid: 4.86 each

(1) Box Huggies Snug N Dry Size 2 Diapers, 100 count
Retail: 29.99, Paid: 2.20

(1) Jumbo Box Size 4 Luvs, 180 count
Retail: 40.00, Paid: 7.00

Total Retail Price: 263.81
Total Paid: 42.97

Total Savings: 220.84
0r... 84% off!

These deals were found through various methods. Lots of them have been through the Amazon Mom deals and 10.00 off coupons, I've also bought a lot of them through coupon stacking. Many of the packages of diapers were bought by using either Target store coupons along with manufacturers coupons, and Kroger Plus Card coupons along with manufacturer coupons. Some of the free small packs of wipes were bought by pairing store sales with doubled coupons at Kroger. The Earths Best diapers were bought by pairing babies r us coupons with manufacturer coupons. You don't have to spend a lot of time to save money, just keep you eyes peeled and your coupons handy when you go out shopping. If you have store coupons for diapers, track down manufacturer coupons (they are much easier to find) and go see how much you will pay if you use might be pleasantly surprised. =)

P.S. Theres an extra pack of diapers in there. A small pack of Pampers Swaddler Size 2-3. I forgot to write about them. Can't remember how many are in there. But they retail for 9.99, I paid 3.99. Oops!

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