Monday, February 21, 2011

Four year olds ask to go to Disney World.

I'm a thinker. Something will pop into my mind and I will stew over the idea of it for hours, days, sometimes even weeks.

Lately I've been thinking about how I cannot believe that Ian is 18 months old already. As I've said before, this was the place that I thought was so far away. It's gone by so fast. But what I absolutely cannot wrap my mind around is the idea that it will most likely go just as fast, if not faster, with this second baby. By the time Baby #2 is 18 months, Ian is going to be going on four.

Let me run that freakinginsaneo number by you again. Four. 4. Okay, well, three and a half. But four. Okay...four.

Do you know what four year olds do? They do all sorts of things. They talk in full sentences. They play with imaginary friends. They ask to go to Disney World. They talk about how excited they are to start kindergarten. They use the toilet all of the time. I'm sure they do all sorts of other cool things too...but I don't know that much else about four year olds.

Bah. Mind blowing I say.

Mind. Blowing.

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