Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Lately, I'm a slacker.

I don't update my blog, I don't wash my dishes, and my kid runs wild up and down the hallway...while I sit on the couch. I am exhausted, all of the time. So, please, don't hate me for not writing about the things that have occurred over the last few weeks.

Firstly, I had some bleeding at 7 weeks. I know that bleeding in the first trimester is normal, but my doctor did an ultrasound just to be sure. These are the pictures that I posted before. Everything appeared to be normal enough, but the ultrasound images were sent to the radiologist to be reviewed. That friday night I got a call from my OB. She said that she was working on call at the hospital and asked that I call her. I called and found out that the ultrasound had showed some "abnormal placental growth". At first I was shocked, but soon after the conversation I found myself with so many unanswered questions; What kind of abnormal growth? I thought the placenta didn't develop until later? Am I going to lose my baby?

I bummed around the house for a couple of days, I cried more than normal, and I got on with life, knowing that I had another ultrasound scheduled in a couple of weeks. That ultrasound was today.

The first thing that made me feel wonderful today was seeing a nice sized, wiggly baby as soon as the ultrasound image came up on the screen. As soon as I knew that the baby was still with us, a wave of relief came over me. The rest of the ultrasound went great. Right after the ultrasound, I had a meeting with my OB. She explained to me that there wasn't actually any abonormal growth, rather the area that will be growing into the placenta is slightly inflamed. She said that she doesn't know why this is happening, but that it could turn out to be absolutely nothing, or it could still end up being a problem. However, either way she seems pretty confident in my ability to keep the pregnancy going full-term. Such. a. relief.

Two weeks from today I have a 4D ultrasound scheduled with a high-risk OB at one of the large hospitals in our area. My OB says that the placenta should have begun to develop at that point and that we will be able to know a lot more. I can't wait! I already feel so much better, but continued prayers are always appriciated.

In the meantime, check out the pictures were got of our little gummie bear baby today. <3

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