Friday, December 3, 2010

I has a sick kidlet.

Kidlet is still sick. For a day or so I actually thought that he was getting better. First he ran a high fever (around 103) and he slept a whole lot for 2 days. Then the fever went down and he was okay for a whole day. He still seemed a little sleepy, but still okay. Then he started throwing up everywhere, and coughing like crazy. His cough kills me. It is so loud and heavy, and I can tell that it is very uncomfortable for him.
I took this video of him the first night he was feeling sick. I just thought it was super cute.
I took him in the shower tonight, which he usually loves, but he was super clingy. I wasn't even aloud to wash my hair. He just made me sit down in the shower and cradle him like a tiny baby while he stared up at the ceiling and watched the water. For a half hour we just sat that way. I kept thinking that he would fall asleep because his eyes kept batting closed, but no such luck. After we got out of the shower is was a straight hour of crying and then, he puked all over my comforter for the second time this week. Now generally this is not something that I would be upset about, but I am for a couple of reasons;

A. We just bought the comforter at the end of October for our "cotton" anniversary. We didn't start using it until November when we moved in here.
B. When he threw up earlier this week I had to wash it for the very first time. It's super huge and I screwed it up by melting part of the stuffing in the dryer.
C. I spent more than I was hoping to spend on it.
D. Seriously, no exaggerations, Toby and I get in bed every night and discuss how much we love this comforter and we are glad that we splurged on it.

Last week it was soft, smelled good, and was lovely. This week it is lumpy and smells like vomit.

/end tangent.

Now he is laying in my bed sleeping like a rock...for now. Back to the pediatrician tomorrow morning...

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  1. Oh, poor baby. You made me laugh though reading about the comforter. :)