Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Today is my 21st Birthday.

Yep, that's right. My twenty-first birthday.

Funny how I've looked forward to this day since I was a teenager. I had always pictured a crazy night out, filled with many many drinks, and a few memories that I would very soon forget. So strange how things change.

So how did I spend my twenty-first birthday? Well, I woke up an hour earilier than normal (thank you Ian) and went with Toby and the Bean to renew my tags and get my brand new license. Waited in line at the DMV only to realize that I had to get back in the car and go home and get my current i.d. I cannot believe how forgetful I was. I returned the the DMV alone, fought with the woman about what my current address was (I don't even want to go into how extremely unintelligent this conversation was) and got my new license and tag renewal stickers. Spent 65.00. Yay birthdays. lol.
Then I came home, kissed my wonderful husband goodbye as he left for work, and kissed my wonderful son goodnight as he went down for his nap. Then I relaxed, watched tv, and played around on the computer. Then Ian got up, and we went outside and played. Honestly, this was the best part of my day. I love watching him toddle around the yard. He is just such a little man about it. He walks around with a look of determination. He acts like he is working or something. I am always saying "It's crazy how hard this kid can work at doing absolutly nothing". I can't describe it, he just works hard.

It was such a beautiful day to play outside with my bean.

Then we came inside and had Kissfest 2010.

And then we just hung around the house for a couple of hours. Ian played by himself on the floor. (He must have had enough of me during Kissfest) and I caught up on my episodes of Cougar Town.

And then we were off to Olive Garden. We arrived around 6:30. I then realized (around 6:31) that I had once again left my i.d. at home. A twenty-first birthday is a bit useless without an i.d. So, my mother went home to get it. We walk into the restaraunt and we are seated. Cue Ian crazy screaming It was insane. He has this new bloody murder scream that is so loud, and so terrifying that people started getting out of the chairs to see if he was hurt. Managers actually came running. I felt so bad for everyone else there.

Fast forward to 20 minutes later. I am standing outside the Olive Garden, Ian is still screaming like mad man, and I am very sober, and trying not to cry. Five minutes later I am crying. His new screaming fits are really starting to get to me. This has been going on for several weeks and I don't know what to do. Anyway, moving on...

Eventually, my Mom took over the screaming boy so that I could go back inside and enjoy myself. He calmed down, came in, and we all had a nice dinner. My parents, Joel Jessi and Aiden, My Grandparents, and our friends Herbie and Kay (as well as Ian and I) all had a great dinner. Poor Toby missed out since he is currently working second shift. I missed him.
Then I ordered my very first legal drink. It was amazing. It was a mixed drink of wildberry mix, ice, and (my most favorite ever) Martini and Rossi Asti. Mmmm. I had two....and dessert.

My grandparents offered to take Ian for the night so that I could get a good nights sleep, so he went home with them. Then I came home and immediately put my pajamas on. That's all I wanted to do. So I've been laying in bed alone since about 8:30.

But you know what?

Every bit of it was perfect. Yeah, there were a few speed bumps, and it most certainly wasn't the 21st birthday I had always imagined, but it felt right. This year on my birthday, I find myself feeling very thankful for all of the love in my life. The love from my son. The love from my best friend, my husband. The love from all of my parents and grandparents. The love of our wonderful friends. I am surronded by such love. Everything just feels like it's falling into place.

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