Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I heart deals.

So, you know that we are moving out soon, as in the first of November if we like the places that we look at this week, which I'm thinking that we will.

But here's the problem, our furniture sucks. Everything we own from our first place was handed down to us (after someone handed it down to them, which was handed down to them...). Our couches are, wait, were, white at one point. Now they are tan-ish and they have springs that hurt your butt. If you move you behind across the wrong part of the couch it might rip you a new asshole...literally. I'm pretty sure that the guy who came up with that expression had an old hand-me-down couch.

Our table... it's pressed wood, which isn't horrible. But it's also severely outdated. It's a light maple color, which pairs just beautifully with out grey metal and dark grey cushioned "modern style" chairs gone wrong. Whoever made these chairs was trying to make them look sleek and modern, but in reality they look like a bad prop from a space movie.

Our end tables are falling apart badly, our hand-me-down dresser fell apart when we were trying to take it apart for the move and it found its way into the dumpster. Sadly, it was the only dresser that we had. We were lucky enough to have wonderfully large walk-in closets in our last place. I don't think that's going to happen again. Our lamps will do, they work. But they are ugly. But... like I said, at least they function properly.

At least our bed works. It's a little outdated, but it's sturdy and strong. I don't mind it at all actually. Though at this point since we need new dressers, we may just buy a whole set on craigslist if we find it for cheap.

We've basically been buying all of the furniture we need from craigslist.

But, I've had my eye on a dining room set from Target for some time now. I loved it, but the table was priced at 99.99, and the chairs we 79.99 for a set of two. Since we need four it would have been 159.98. For a grand total of 259.97. Not happening. We're still budgeting here, we just really need some new stuff.
Well, I was walking through Target the other day and I thought to myself "I should go look at the table set again". And behold...the 75% off sign. The table was only 24.00! I was stoked! But the chairs were no where to be found, so I asked about the floor model chairs. They had a few little scuffs here and there, but nothing I couldn't fix.

Guess what?! They sold them to me for only 6.00 a chair! 24.00 for the whole set of chairs. I don't think you understand how happy this made me. I mean, I really wanted this set, a lot a lot. So, me and my 50.00 dining set are now in love.
Just thought I'd share. =)


  1. I'm glad you got such a bargain on something you really wanted! Pray for the same for us! Most of our furniture was either free (neighbors ready to throw it away if not given a good home) or second or third hand. Sounds like your story. We have managed to buy a "new" (as in never used, but purchased secondhand) bed. Our friend got it as a freebie when she bought her mattress and box spring set, to go with a separately-purchased short-poster bed. So she sold it to us for a mere fifty bucks. :) That may be the only piece of furniture we have that was not previously used, except for some bookcases and media shelves.

    I do have to say, with a wry grin, that the chairs you picked are *still* the "atomic" retro 50's futuristic look. I guess the chairs you were referring to before were, what, 70s or 80s futuristic? :chuckle: Not judging; I'm sure my personal style is pretty stodgy compared to that. I like either Craftsman/Mission/Prairie or outright Victorian. Strange I know, but I'm a preservationist at heart.

  2. Oh, I have been eying that table as well. I love the mis matched chairs! So cute. And happy dining to you!!

  3. Hayley, I agree, these chairs still have a modern/futuristic vibe to them, but at least it's done right. The chairs we had before, well...they were just wrong in every way possible. I cannot even begin to describe the horrible ugliness of those chairs.

    Jenifer, you should totally check out Target near you! You can't beat 24.00 for a kitchen table. And thanks, I loved the mismatched chairs too. =)