Friday, August 20, 2010


I remember watching this commerical when I was pregnant with Ian. I remember how it used to make me cry because I knew that someday soon, I would have a beautiful little boy who would sleep so peacefully. I looked forward to watching his little chest rise and fall. Toby and I would lay in our bed, on our sides, facing each other. I would take my hand and softly rub the sheet in between the two of us, and say "I can't wait until Ian is laying right here in between us".

Today, as I write, I am watching his peacefully nap on my bed while I sit in the rocking chair next to him. His little face shows such peace, and comfort. His little baby butt is up in the air, and his little cheek is pressed into the mattress. His lips are all scrunched.

He is just perfect. Sometimes I can't believe that he is real, that he is mine.

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  1. i Love it when I find Ian sleeping with his butt in the air it makes me laugh so much. How sweet.