Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A letter to my son:

Dear Ian,
You have no idea how much joy you bring into my life. Every single day I wake up to your smiling face and think about how lucky I am to be your Mommy. I am the only one in the whole wide world who gets to be your Mommy, and that is so very special to me.

I wanted to tell you how much fun I've had with you over the last few days. You have been so much fun, so happy, and so loving these last few days. I have enjoyed holding your hand in the car, cuddling on the couch, taking you out to breakfast, having giggle-fests with you, and rocking you back and forth in my rocking chair.

I can't believe how fast you are growing up. I feel like I was holding you for the very first time just last week. Today you are walking. I want you to know that I have enjoyed all of it. Every. single. bit. I will have savored and cherished every moment with you.

I wish that you could always be my snuggle-bug. I'm already afraid that you are going to grow up too fast, and not want anything to do with me.

I love you so very very much with every ounce of my being.



  1. aw, so sweet!! Thomas doesn't cuddle with me :( Unless he has a boo-boo haha.
    Do you make a book of letters to him? You totally should!

  2. No, I don't. But I think that I may begin writing them here, and then eventually have this blog made into a book for him. =)

  3. That's a cute idea :) I used to baby-sit for a girl whose mom would take a picture from whatever event was going on at that time, and then write kind of like a journal entry to her daughter about it. She kept them in a binder for her with page protectors, but basically it's the same thing as a blog :)