Friday, August 27, 2010

Flashback Fridays.

Once Upon a Time...

I was in middle school.

I liked to shop a Claire's for jewelry sales.

And I rocked out to "Shake your tailfeather, Holiday Inn, and Magic Stick"
I'm the third from the left. Blowing kisses, classic.
I was boy crazy.
I watched a lot of boy meets world.
I liked playing Mario Party on Gamecube,
And I thought cussing was "cool".
My Best Friends & I inn 7th Grade. I still love these girls.
I dreamed about what my first car would look like.
I thought ouija boards were awesome.

I made prank calls with my friends, where we sang Christmas carols to strangers.

And I stayed up all night talking about boys.

My best friends & I again. The one in the grey sweatshirt was my 7th grade boyfriend. =P

I smelled strongly of "Lovespell" by Victorias Secret.

I had a candy bar style Nokia cell phone, and texting was unheard of.

I spent all night on dial-up internet talking to my friends on messager.

And that was middle school.

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