Sunday, July 18, 2010


Twas a very nice weekend.

I spent Friday night just lounging around the house with Toby and I. We watched some television, cleaned up the house, and got a decents nice sleep.
Saturday morning my cousin and her husband came over and told us that they were moving within 10 minutes of us! This is awesome news because we get along really well and it will be nice to have someone else to hang out with from time to time. She will most likely start working at thirty-one with Toby.

Then that afternoon Ian and I went to COSI to meet up with some of my friends that I have met on the bump. We had such a great time! The little ones played together in "kidspace" and they LOVED it. Then one of the girls, Jessica, and her son came to stay with us for the night since they live on the other side of the state. It was great to let the boys play, and it was really nice to sit down and talk to another girl that shares a lot in common with myself. There are a lot of things similar in our lives, and I don't know a whole lot of people like that.

Meet Dr. Ian

Mommy and Ian at COSI

Ian playing in "Kidspace" at COSI

Then last night Ian woke up around 3 in the morning in a really good mood. It was so random, but all he wanted to do was lay next to me and cuddle. So we laid there, he stroked my face, and talked in a sweet little voice. He kept saying "Mommm", which is new for him. He gave kisses, then cuddled his head down into my arm, held my hand, and fell back asleep. It was honestly one of the sweetest moments of my life. I wouldn't have traded it for sleep for the world.

Today hung around the house, more cleaning (because I'm anal) and then went to Golden Corral with some of our close friends. I only ate like 5 times as much food as I needed. I seriously came home and got sick. No freaking joke. Diet 0, Buffet 1.

Now we just got out of the pool and I am feeling super relaxed. It's getting ready to storm, which should be even more relaxing. Now I just need to get a glass of champagne (yes, champagne, I'm not a wine girl) and catch up on Army Wives. Mmm'hrm.

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