Friday, July 23, 2010

I miss my bumplette.

So, I was lurking on the bump since I can't sleep, and I was flipping through some of the posts from the 9-12 board and one of the girls (who is pregnant again, around 30 weeks) posted a belly video. It was a beautiful minute and a half and her little one rolling around and kicking her. Her belly was jumping all over the place! I know this is going to sound lame but... it almost made me cry, real tears.

I could almost feel that feeling in my stomach again.

I miss the way I could feel his little feet press against my hand when I laid it on the side of my stomach. I miss my weekly NST's where I could just lay in the hospital bed and listen to his heart beat on the fetal monitors. I miss the way that little monitor on my belly would drive him nuts, and he would starting kicking it and making it move. Then he would hide from it, and the nurse would have to come in and move it.

29 weeks

I miss feeling him inside of me, moving around, being a part of me. There is just no love quite like that. It's such a strange feeling, loving someone that you have never met, and never having met someone who lives inside of you. That was just such a special time in my life. I really loved pregnancy. Next time, I will know the savor every. single. day.

29 weeks

Naturally I love that Ian is here now. I wouldn't trade that for the world. Ever. But, adorable belly jumping videos make me wish I could feel his kicks just one more time.

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